Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Regular Work Day

I just got home from work right now, Its a regular day for me today, rode an 8 mile bike ride to work, which is a thirty minute ride. Hit the bathroom for 5-10 minutes to clean up and wash my upper body sweaty parts lol! Brought my own lunch and dinner for my 12 hour shift. Didn't spend a penny. I feel good.
During my downtime at work i will search for ways how to make money and how to increase my *frugality muscle (per MrMM), I need to increase my earning power and decrease my spending habbit. Like today I made an x amount of money without spending any.
Now do it over and over again for 5-6 days a week, guess whats gonna happen.

How about you, whats your regular work day frugality looks like?
All comments are highly appreciated =)

*Thanks to Mr MoneyMustache for opening my eyes on biking at 6am on a 40 degree cold January. Anything that seems impossible is possible.

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