Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sixth deadly Sin

I see a nice Camaro I want it
I see a nice Bimmer I want it
I see a nice Ducati I want it
I ask myself, whatever this is I am doing, is it worth it?
I can buy a nice car but what is it that's holding me to buy it?
I am trying to be frugal as much as I can so I can invest it instead of spending it but is it all worth it? I am controlling myself not to buy expensive stuffs so I can achieve the freedom that I always been wanting.

Unusual Day

I woke up today with my little one being sick. I hate to call in sick but I have to take care of family first. I haven't gotten any day off for a month and this is my first off in a month. I haven't called in sick for more than 2 years. The last time I called in sick was when I got hit by a truck on my bike, thankfully no fracture, just a swollen wrist and elbow. One time I remember limping from work and everybody is looking at me like crazy, I had this massive swollen ankle from playing basketball, I iced it and wrap it with ace bandage and went to work. Ill be coughing and sneezing at work but never called off. This time I have no choice but to call off from work and I think to myself since Im not the one who is sick, I have to make this day a productive one. We woke up 5:30am, called my boss saying I can't make it today.