Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sixth deadly Sin

I see a nice Camaro I want it
I see a nice Bimmer I want it
I see a nice Ducati I want it
I ask myself, whatever this is I am doing, is it worth it?
I can buy a nice car but what is it that's holding me to buy it?
I am trying to be frugal as much as I can so I can invest it instead of spending it but is it all worth it? I am controlling myself not to buy expensive stuffs so I can achieve the freedom that I always been wanting.
Here's what I do whenever I see a nice Ducati roaring its aftermarket exhaust in the street or a nice bummer with its nice sound system and elegant dashboard. I just tell myself that the satisfaction I get when I buy one of those material thing slash status symbol will only last 2 months of satisfaction. After two months I know that the satisfaction will diminish little by little and that thing will only be an object. Just a thing with wheels. And I know I will blame myself why i bought it. But how come whenever I see a nice car or a nice bike I always feel impress and it makes me wanna feel to own one of those fancy toys. Maybe I envy them that they have nice toys and I don't. Maybe I am just a human being wanted material things. Whatever it is I am feeling whenever I see nice toys I don't like it coz it makes me want to want it. I know its wrong but I have to be honest to myself. I know I want it but I know the satisfaction that I will get from that material thing is temporary and I know that if I buy it I will blame myself for buying it thats why I am not impulse buying. For the meantime what I can do is be amaze on this beautiful pieces of machinery that man have made and appreciate its beauty. What can I do, Im a bike enthusiast and a car enthusiast. Maybe in the future I will stop longing for material stuff that I don't need and be content on what I have. Anyway I am just a human, I get sinned.


  1. I am cheap for the longest time that I didn't buy an IPad eventhough I really really want it. Modesty aside, I can buy 10 IPad at once buy I chose not to buy one coz I don't really "need" it. I have a 4 year old IPod that works. It may not even have bigger screen as an IPad but I can connect to Internet, take pics and all. Just what I need!

    I just bought $1,800 folding bike recently,not including accessories. Yes, it's pricey, a lot of people said so BUT it improves the quality of my life. I don't buy expensive bags,shoes and all that. I don't go shopping in fact, my bike is the priciest I bought for myself. I have saving,scrimping must of the time.

    My defense,too, is I paid the bike in cash. I didn't go into debt just to buy it.

    $1,800 well spent, I believed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll follow you.

    1. You're welcome. Red is a good buy, its way better than buying a new bag or a new shoes.
      I am new on blogging, investing and living frugally. I thought I was living frugal but when I see your blog I was amazed (in a good way). I always admire people who are different and seeks for the better. And like you, I would always want to go back to our homeland Pinas for good as well. I'll be couple months or years behind you. Anyway thanks for stopping by too, Ill start following you. Goodluck on your journey, I hope you will keep us posted once you are already there. Cheers!