Saturday, March 8, 2014

Unusual Day

I woke up today with my little one being sick. I hate to call in sick but I have to take care of family first. I haven't gotten any day off for a month and this is my first off in a month. I haven't called in sick for more than 2 years. The last time I called in sick was when I got hit by a truck on my bike, thankfully no fracture, just a swollen wrist and elbow. One time I remember limping from work and everybody is looking at me like crazy, I had this massive swollen ankle from playing basketball, I iced it and wrap it with ace bandage and went to work. Ill be coughing and sneezing at work but never called off. This time I have no choice but to call off from work and I think to myself since Im not the one who is sick, I have to make this day a productive one. We woke up 5:30am, called my boss saying I can't make it today.

Did my Insanity cardio abs workout.
burn the cd to give it to a friend.
cooked hotdog n egg bfast for the little one, did the laundry, cleaned the house, wash the dishes, sweep and mop the floor.
Analyzed stock, bought 60 shares of KMI stock for $33.69 per share.
 Went to Super King Market for our weekly grocery walking. I asked the little one how she is feeling and if she is ok to walk she said she is fine. Besides it is a lovely day to walk, perfect weather today at SOCAL, didn't want to waste it. My budget for this weeks grocery is $52 as I listed it. When I was paying at the counter it came out with $64! Dangit! Im 12 bucks over the budget. Its ok, anyways its vday tomorrow, I bought a bottle of Stella Rosa Black for her since she likes that one and a coffee creamer since we are out of creamer. We went back home walking, bad idea for me, sooo heavy lol. good workout though.
Prepared our lunch, little one didn't want to eat coz she said she's still full, I didn't force her to eat, then I took a nap for 2 hours. Woohoo! A much needed sleep. Ive been sleep deprived for weeks, sleeping 5-6 hours a day but can't complain, life is good.
I woke up, prepared a three entree dinner, pork bbq spareribs, (torta)eggplant, sautéed veggie, and a salad plate. The wife rented a Bluray for tonite, we watched Percy Jackson right after cleaning our plates. And now, writing this blog to close my day. Productive day for me indeed.

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  1. this is a late post from feb 13 that i never get the chance to post but stayed in my draft