Saturday, May 10, 2014

Family Time

Family time doesn't need to be expensive. What matters is the love shared with each other, the time spent with the ones we love. Last weekend we had an unplanned mini get away. I had Saturday and Sunday off and we just had to make the most out of it.
We had our usual weekend breakfast in the morning then my girls picked some flowers in our backyard.

my little one loves them flowers :)

Then we decided to hit the beach, we picked Zuma beach in the Malibu area, its not very crowded, its nice and chill, water is cold tho but the weather is nice and warm.  We had lunch at Neptunes Net, thats the restaurant where the first Fast and the Furius film was shot. I think thats where Brian and Mia first met, Im not very sure, but anyway their fish and chips are great! Then we walked by the beach.

bird formation

nice SoCal weather

Around 4pm we were thinking if we are gonna go to Vegas, we had a free room but too lazy to drive. We went anyway. When we arrived in Vegas we watched boxing, there was a ppv Mayweather vs Maidana, as a huge boxing fan I just had to watch it, not in the arena tho, just at the local sports bar, its way cheaper. Then we went to Mandalay Bay for few drinks at the bar, spent more than one bill to buy drinks with friends, I'm frugal but not that cheap, I buy them drinks too :)
Then the next day we had to check out on our hotel, we had a little dip in the pool before going back home to LA. 
chilling by the sandy pool
Paige on her playful pose

We drove back home to LA and man, it was traffic, our supposedly 4hour drive became 5 hour drive. I cooked some pork chop bbq and my wife bought some Pho soup which isn't very expensive for our dinner, nothing fancy but a good way to close our weekend with a bottle of wine and a bottle of craft beer.
In all, I think I spent less than $300 for the whole weekend, I saved a lot because I spent zero on our vegas hotel. We didn't eat at a fancy buffet coz its expensive and we don't want to eat more than we needed. Some friends that I know will tell me a story that they got wasted in Vegas and they gamble and lose money and their trip cost them two grand and they had so much fun. If thats their idea of fun so be it, but after their so called fun they will be complaining that they can't wait for the next paycheck coz they have bills to pay and they have to go to Vegas again to get away from work. Im not sure what kind of excuses thy are pulling but it doesn't make sense to me. The most I spent in Vegas was the two rounds of alcohol I had to buy for my group which was around $120. Its over priced but its Vegas. I don't have problem buying my friends drink but I have problem spending it on gambling. The house always win as they say. The gas came around $70 for the round trip. The food at the beach $50, vegas food(without fancy buffet) around $40. Still expensive for my standards but compared to the people that I know, they probably scratching their heads and laugh about how I probably not had a good time. To be honest I don't enjoy Vegas anymore. What I enjoy is the time I spend with friends and specially family. I enjoy the presence of my family being around, having to talk, to laugh, to share thoughts. I believe there should be a balance. Too cheap and I will be living on my own on a cave. Too lavish and I will be working for the rest of my life. Happiness is a very subjective topic/feeling. What makes a person happy does not necessarily makes another person happy. If one person is happy spending all his cash plus more so be it. But not me. There is always a better way of finding happiness. Some people had to go far away to search for that happiness only to realize that it was there all along, all you have to do is walk slowly and and look closer and its there. I am working very hard right now, taking the road less traveled, coz that road has more reward at the end versus the typical road.
This coming Sunday is mothers day, Im looking forward for another great and efficient family time.

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