Monday, May 26, 2014

One Week Short Term Goal

I have created my blog to utilize it for my own advantage to encourage myself  to meet my personal goals but this month of May is my worst month so far. I havent been biking much, maybe twice or three times a week. I've been spending too much eating out with the family and went to Vegas on a weekend. We watched two movies at the theatre this month which is way too much. We usually rent bluray on redbox and be happy about it. In short, my credit card budget of $500 per month for grocery, eating out and entertainment is twice as much of what its supposed to be. I cant catch up now i know it but this is my short term one week goal to get me back on track.

Today is Monday, Happy Memorial Day, I rode my bike to work for 10miles then another 10miles back home thats 20. Tuesday another 20miles and Wednesday 20miles. Thursday i might rest, Friday 20miles, Saturday 20 miles and Sunday i will rest, I have work on Sunday so it is going to be a 7day work week for me this week. My first target is ride a bike for 100 miles this week.

My second goal is expense. I will use my credit card for $100 for the last week of May. Right now my balance is $867,  and just like what I said I cant play catch up right now. Ill spend $50 on grocery for one week consumption and probably fill up the car for another $50 worth of gas. Ive been bad and driving too much but once I fill that $50 gas it should last me 2-3weeks. I wont spend anything for myself , ill bring my own lunch baon everyday and avoid 7-11.

To buy 1,400 worth of investment before the end of the week.

If friends invite me to go out Ill have to say no. Last week I spent $80 on buffalo wild wings, it was good times, i got drunk yes with good beer  and good food but I have to focus more on what is important to me. There is a better way of spending time with the ones more important to me without spending too much money. That leads me to my last short term goal, spend time with Paige at the park, hike, teach her valuable lessons in life such as saving and listening to mom and dad :) (she can be stubborn sometimes), learn how to take responsibility and be more independent. She is 8 right now, I have missed so many special occasions due to my work schedule and Im hoping it will all change someday as I reach financial independence.


  1. Hey, check out your local library. I am using and abusing mine. It has awesome books and DVDs. From old and new. I skip movies a lot coz I know that it usually just show up in te library.

    My library is awesome. It will be missed once ill be home for good

    1. Hi, yeah Im starting to use my local library, so far Ive read/rented 5 books. I havent tried renting for movies I didnt know they have new movies too, Im a big LOTR fan and games of throne fan. Ill prolly get the latest hobbit movie since i havent seen it yet. Thanks for the tip :)