Monday, May 5, 2014

The Road Less Traveled

Everyday as I wake up there are two roads I can take to get to work. The first one is paved, smooth and straight. I can take a car to get there easily. Everybody is taking that same road every day to get from point A to point B. Then there is the second road, it is dirt, rough and lots of curves, cars cant take this road, you have to take it by foot or by bicycle and sometimes by a bus.
Most of the people ignore the second road, they dont give it a chance, heck most of them doesn't even know that the second road exist. They are so  busy with their day to day lives commuting to work then go home, watch tv, check their social media account, surf the internet and so on. Sleep, wake up the next day and do the same routine over and over until they reach their retirement age. Of course once in a while these people will go out on the weekends to hang out with friends and party or shop til they drop!

Then there is the select few, they were curious... What is this second road they asked themselves. They tried it, it was hard, it takes twice as long to get from point A to point B. Your shoes will be worn up when you take this road, you will sweat, you will be tired and it is not a good feeling. Most of the people who tried this road will give up on the first try and some will abandon this road halfway thru and then come back and tell themselves at least I gave it a try. But to the few people who kept on going and taking this route everyday, they feel they are accomplishing something everyday. Yes it is hard, but along the way they meet people who are like minded. Who goes against the norm. Who get out of their comfort zone, coz everyday when they wake up they feel lighter, they feel better. They realize their hardwork are paying off and its no longer a hard work. Its becoming a lifestyle! And more importantly the rewards are enormous taking that second road. They realized they have become more richer, not just financially but psychologically, emotionally and physically. Thier bank accounts have grown. Their minds are stronger. They value their time with family more than anything. Their legs are stronger and stronger everyday. Their waist are slimmer and they dont get sick that often. That second road that everybody has been ignoring has thought them valuable lessons in life.  That their hardwork pays off. To be frugal, to save the limited resources that we have here on earth. To invest for our future because our time here on earth are limited and its always good to spend those limited time with the people that we love the most.

I have been taking  the second road for a year now, the road everybody been ignoring, the road less traveled. I have no rogrets, its been hard but I learn to appreciate life nature and time. I am not done yet, I have a long way to go, I've been trying to influence friends and family to take that second road but it is very hard to change somebody. Then lately a co-worker that I spoke with have taken that road and he liked it and applying it to his daily living. Im glad I have helped someone. See, our journey had just started. There is a growing community that is taking the second road. Ask Mr. Money Mustach or Dividend Mantra, they have millions following their blogs.

(Just like any movies or poems or song, people have different interpretaion of poetry. This is my own interpretation of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and how I use it as a tool  as a guide in life.) I see it as a metaphor, the first road represents comfort in life. Getting consumed by fancy cars, toys, gadgets and taking the easy way without achieving much. The second road represents challenges in life. To overcome obstacles thrown in front of you because you chose that challenge, you chose that road, and you know that everyday overcoming those obstacles makes you a stronger person, to be more matured, to gain more experience and becoming richer in life.

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