Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Biggest Weakness

Who can't appreciate an ice cold craft beer straight from the fridge? That sound when pouring it in a glass straight out of the freezer? The nice color that's very pleasant to the eye, that golden bubbly clear color? And the smell, the smell is floral and strong, you could almost actually taste the beer right beneath your nose. Ultimately the taste, that bitter sweet taste of molasses and hops and other fruity flavor that the brew master put together to give you the unique experience. And it doesn't end there, even in your burp you can taste the beer, it may sound nasty to some but that's what it is. Still it doesn't end there... the buzz that it gives after finishing a bottle makes the beer drinker happy. Another one ups the buzz. One more and you might be heading to bed. Finish a six pack and you might be sleeping where you're sitting at (at least for me, I'm way past my drinking prime).

Monday, June 9, 2014


We went hiking twice last week. The first one was so fun, just me and my daughter, that we had to do it again. The second time I had decided to bring more people in, there was 10, but there were rules. It was a 'No Electronics Day' for the kids. No smartphone, no ipad, no gadgets. It was a simple exercise for them.

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Result for One Week Short Term Goal

Here's my result for the one week challenge I created for myself:
1. To bike 100 miles. My result is 49 miles.
2. To spend $100 on gas and grocery and zero for my lunch. My result is $53.76 on gas, $41 on           grocery and $2.09 on lunch. Total $97. 
3. To invest $1,400 on stocks. My result $1,727.
4. To spend more time with Paige and spend less time with friends going out.