Monday, June 9, 2014


We went hiking twice last week. The first one was so fun, just me and my daughter, that we had to do it again. The second time I had decided to bring more people in, there was 10, but there were rules. It was a 'No Electronics Day' for the kids. No smartphone, no ipad, no gadgets. It was a simple exercise for them.
One of my nephew asked me "what if I want to listen to music?". I had to reply its no electronics day, its a day to enjoy nature. I want  them to feel  how we felt back when we were kids walking in the woods in the Philippines seeing different kinds of birds, trees and basically nature! My goal was to get everybody together (sadly more than half of the family couldn't make it), to spend so little but to have a good time enjoying each others company. It was a successful little gathering with little planning and little effort. All I had to do was think of a plan, mass text everybody and set a meeting place in my house and prepare for food. Total cost for me was around $25. I prepared some chicken sandwich and peanut butter sandwich, watermelon, 24 pack bottled water, cucumber and carrot with ranch dip, and a bag of ice. Cousins brought some bread from Porto's Bakery yum!. We packed everything on a cooler and off we went.

chicken sandwich

It was a two mile drive, the weather was nice, the trail has lots of shade and there was a nice little creek with clear water coming from the mountain (or the sewer lol!)

 lots of shades
 bridge where we stopped
 resting under the bridge
the boys
 me on the tree
 paige on the tree
 Paige picking some wild flower
Our hike lasted for two hours then we went to a nice park, another two mile drive to snack and grub. Everybody was very hungry and the chicken sandwich was a hit, the pbj, not so much haha!
picnic with family

shot some hoops

the park

There you go, we didn't need any electronics (except for my iPhone to take pictures), we didn't need much money, we didn't need to get too far to have fun. All we need was each other and nature to be happy that gives us memory that'll last forever that one simple sunday, we had a good time under the sun. And to finish the day, we went to a nice dinnery to my sister's father-in-law's bday party. Lots of food and free beer! Only missing are the pictures :)

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