Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Half Year Review

Its the first day of July, we are half way done with the goals that we set when I first started this blog on December 30, 2014, so here's our recap:

My goals for 2014 are:

  • To start this blog. Done!
  • Increase my savinsg rate. I've been bringing my own lunch to work and trying not to spend anything during work days, there are weeks that I spend zero when Im at work, not even a dollar coffee sometimes. My goal is to save more than half of my net income. But of course the more savings the better.
  • To increase my net worth to $100k. My sharebuilder account is valued at $87,200 by June 30, 2014, I'm confident I'll surpass my $100K goal much earlier! Thats 49% increase from last time I posted!
  • To pay off my student loan balance. Done! Debt free baby!
  • To use my bike more than half of the time to commute to work. I am not actually logging my biking commute but to my calculation Im around 40% biking of the time. We recently moved to a new rental house closer to my daughters public school that has a high rating, so that we don't have to pay private school anymore. Only the downside, its farther than our previous house and it takes me 45 mins to bike a 10 mile commute which sometimes is a hassle especially at night when its cold and after a 12hour shift the only thing I want to do is to sleep. Still I will do my best to bike as much as possible.
  • To invest 3k every month on stocks. So far Im on track averaging almost twice my goal of buying stocks, the last ones I purchased are Microsoft, IBM, General Mills, Procter and Gamble, Target, WalMart. Their prices climbed a bit since my last entry point but I will continue buying this stocks. My January purchase was $13, 400, Feb was $9,000, March $2,200, April $4,300, May $2,800, June $3,300. There was a major selloff last January, I bought a good amount of stocks followed by another selloff on February, I bought another $9,000 worth of stocks, I wish stocks will go on sale more frequently. My portfolio is composed of 21 high quality blue chip dividend growth stocks plus 2 growth stocks which are American Airlines and Blackstone. I am slowly selling my growth stocks and trade it for dividend growth stocks. 
  • To regain my 6pk and maintain (lol tough one but ill try). I shouldn't have posted this one, for this is kinda embarrassing to post... But here it goes. I'm far from regaining my six pack right now mainly to my diet of carbs mainly rice, bread, some beer, and those yummy greasy filipino food. I have to get back on track with my diet and I should be ok with salad and white meat. I haven't been working out much, my main form of exercise is my biking/commute. I need more weights and sit ups to achieve this goal.
  • To spend more time with Paige. I have been spending most of my limited free time with my daughter, cutting time with friends like going out and drinking at the bar and basketball. I am more happy being  with family at this stage of my life. Oh how I wish I am financially free and I don't have to work anymore so I can spend all my time with family.
  • To organize my portfolio. I have created a spreadsheet at google drive that updates the market value of each stocks, its pretty neat, I didn't know I can't do that. I also created a spreadsheet of my watch list with what I think is a fair value entry point. Very very cool :) I'll post it one of these days.
  • To organize my income/expense ratio. Zero! Failed! Now why did I abandon this goal after two months? I created a spread sheet of my income and expenses but after 2 months I kinda memorized and just estimated my expenses. This is not good for me if I want to keep track on track with my goal and be financially free. I need to do this last one if I want to control my expenses. My May credit card bill was more than 1,000 and my June was $918, and this is the result of my negligence. I'm around 50% savings rate but right now I will honestly say I don't know 'exactly' where I am at. 
So thats my half year review,  there's definitely more room for improvement, I am getting criticized sometimes by my family member as being cheap and extreme but thats not how I see myself. Im happy and content with what I do, sometimes I will crave for material things but I will just write a blog about it to ease my craving and it helps a lot. 

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