Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Moved

     We recently moved a few months ago, it is in a much nicer and more upscale neighborhood than what we are used to, rent remains the same for us compared to our old condo. We got kicked out of our last place that we are living at coz the landlord was selling the house. I can't blame him, if I'm in his shoes Ill probably do the same due to the fact that housing market is red hot again.
We were contemplating on buying a house but it got out of hand expensive in the LA area so we decided to just rent again. So how would the rent be the same if its a much nicer location, much bigger with 5 bedrooms and 2 baths? We share the rental house with my in-laws. Filipinos tend to have a very close family ties, back in Pinas, there are some multiple families sharing one roof. The house is more alive since there is always somebody at home. Right now there are 9 people living in the house, we have 2 visitors from Colorado/Philippines that are staying for the time being. some people in the States gets shock with this amount of people living in one roof but in Filipino way, this is small.  Our family has strong bond, we gather every occasions and celebrations. Family members visits unannounced and its perfectly normal for us.
     The negative side on moving to this new place is its more far from my job and my wife's job. Not much farther but if you are biking like me, you could feel the difference. I used to bike 5-6 days a week going to work and my gas consumption is $60 every 6 weeks to fill up my tanks. Thats $10 per week. But right now I have to fill up twice a month. Another negative impact to this move is its much much closer to the malls, walmart, fancy restaurants etc etc. My family tends to go shopping and spending money much more often, same thing with me, if i need something for my bike I just ran at the nearest walmart or sports chalet and I will end up buying more than what Im supposed to.
     On the positive side, number one I guess is safety. We can walk around the neighborhood feeling secure. The school is right across our house so it means its safe right? Second, the school is right across our house, I think I mentioned that already. We used to pay $400 per month on private school including daycare but now its free. The rating of the school is 9/10. I asked around and people are saying its as good as private school. 

Paige and cousin Lance

     Another advantage on moving to this new house is we save on expenses. We will be sharing on bills and foods. We will be helping each other out, my wives family will have the same advantage as we are having. If before they are used to paying 400-500 every 2 months and we are used to pay 300 every two months now its just around 600 for the whole household. Thats 100-200 saved every two months. And lastly, we get to explore our new backyard like this
     It was my wife's idea that we move into this new location, at first I didn't want to coz its too far from both our work. So I gave her a condition, we will only move if we will put Paige on a public school. So she researched the area and thats how we got this nice house.

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