Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Don't Need a Fancy Car!

I've been thinking long and hard  about buying a car. I posted this yesterday, and few months ago was this. So today I decided I don't need a fancy car! I've been doing good being frugal for the first half of the year why stop there right? So from now on I will stop thinking about my earthly wants and focus more on the future. How can I do that? I will prioritize what is important to me.  I will stop searching for car and keep using the one I am using right now.
Its my brother's car, he let me use it coz he doesn't want to let it go and since he owes me 5,000, he wants to sell it to me instead so thats what Im probably going to do, keep the 2001 civic. Its an ok car, kbb value is 6,000. It gets me from point A to point B without a problem. Gets 38mpg. Insurance is $35 per month. Whats not to like right? I will still gonna be riding my bike 3-4 days a week to work and who cares if I don't drive a fancy car. Who cares if I ride a bike to work. I worry too much about what people think of me. I have a reputation to maintain lol! If I overheard from someone that Im not a good person or if they say I'm a lazy guy I will be bothered. But I need to stop thinking what other people thinks about me. I know who I am, I know what kind of person I am. I should be proud that I am a hardworking person, a loving father, and I don't need fancy toys to complete me. I put my family before myself. Everything I do is for the goodness my my family. And thats not just me, everybody should have the same attitude. Who cares if this guy have old stuff. Who cares if that guy don't have all the latest gadgets. We live in this society where people are so consumed with material things that they got to have the latest fashions or they have to be in the most expensive places eating the most expensive food on the menu that people have to post and brag about it in all the social media for people to see. Everybody is guilty about this. I am guilty about this. Thats why we are here, we always seek what is good, what is more important to us. To break that chain that bind us from becoming addicted to material things. Once we realize what is important to us, we revise a plan. Then we execute. We have to make sure we follow the plan, to stay in course and avoid any distractions. We may have some bumps along the way and we may give in sometimes because we are only human. We are created with flaws. Then we realize again what is important to us, it is a constant battle to remain on the right path. This is how I feel at the moment when I feel like I need a fancy car. I don't need a fancy car! I want a fancy car yes but I don't need it! I need a slap in the face to make me realize I don't need it! What I need is to stay focus and execute the plan to achieve my personal goals!

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