Sunday, September 28, 2014

Changing My Habit Saves Me Money Better Than Geico Insurance

Switching to Geico Insurance saves you 15% on your car insurance, But wait, there's more! Changing your day to day habbit can be more beneficial than switching to Geico insurance. Before the start of 2014 I created my personal goals, and one of those goals goes like this:
  • Increase my savinsg rate. 2013 has been a really good year for me. I learned so much  about  techniques on how to increase my savings. I have a lot more of room for improvement, a lot more room to learn. I'll try to increase my savings rate by minimizing my expenses. 

It says right there at the very end, minimizing my expenses.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Frugalitip: Bring Your Own Baon!

My breakfast baon, PBJ and free office coffee. Skip the Starbucks to maximize savings!

The typical conversation at work when the clock hits 11AM goes something like this:

"Whats for lunch?" or "hey Chris, we are buying at Panda Express or In n' Out or Chipotle, do you want something?"

Of course my response will be like: 

"No thanks, I brought my own baon" (pronounced as bah-on in Tagalog, baon is the food that you bring for school or work)

Sometimes my co-workers won't ask me anymore because they already know me.

Now lets analyze mathematically how much does lunch cost us if we work the typical five days a week.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Iphone 6 Half Price Update

So I pre-ordered the iPhone 6 Plus last week hoping to make some money off of it on Craigslist and this is my update as promised.

First I asked myself, why do I need a new iPhone? For making phone calls, browsing, texting, pictures, video recorder, emails, etc. Dang! I need to slap myself! My current phone can do all of those! Good thing my brain is still functioning. 

Second thing I asked myself was "is it a good value since all the options above are all upgraded such as landscape texting, wifi calls, video recording with 1080p, time elapse and slow mo at 24 fps! Faster everything! Thats a great value right?" Another well deserved slap in the face! No Ogie! I don't need none of that shit, I have a perfectly working iPhone that meets my current needs!

Third thing I asked myself was "but we all planned the cost of it. It'll cost us half the price since we are going to sell it at craigslist with inflated price." I need to punch myself in the face this time! No! If you don't need it, do NOT buy it! Simple as that. We want to save money right? We want to have financial freedom  right? We want to set as a good example for the people and especially for our kids right? Then don't buy it! The best way to save money is to avoid buying stuff we don't need. Being materialist (like cars) becomes a wall, a hindrance to our path to reach our goals. We need to be a minimalist, to continue taking the road we had started and to finish it strong. So after multiple virtual bruise from the slap and punch in the face I had woken up and I will cancel my $150 AT&T service and switch with a cheaper plan or even to a prepaid service. 

How about you, did you upgrade to the new iPhone or Samsung smartphones or never planning to upgrade ever? If you don't have a plan of upgrading your phone, you are multiple steps ahead of me! I will see you at the finish line of our financial independence journey! :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

How I Score a Half a Price Iphone 6 Plus

It's not actually free, but here are the steps that I am doing, but first the quick facts:

Pre-order date: September 12, 2014
Release date: September 19, 2014
Iphone 6 Plus 64gb msrp: $849 (+ tax around 10% sales tax) = $933.90

If pre-ordered as of this writing, the shipment date is October 7, 2014.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Basic Equation to Financial Freedom

 Backyard rice field Philipines

To reach financial independence I need hard work, frugality and investing.

My equation is this: (INCOME- EXPENSES) = INVESTMENT. 

I have to maximize my income then minimize my expenses and then invest to DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS.

Investments create $$$.

$$$ will be use for basic needs and wants.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Investment Strategy

I am not a financial guru or a wall street hot shot. I wish I am, I have so much to learn and I treat everyday as an opportunity to learn thru reading books and personal financial blogs to pick some tips here and there, and today is my turn to share my little knowledge and the basics of investing. These tips are not in order and I'm still improving my writing skills.

Save you money. How can you invest if you don't have money in the first place. The more you save the more money to grow your investment.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Week's Challenge Update

I posted a challenge last week and here are my result:
1. To make money- I worked my scheduled 7 days and worked 64 hours on the clock. I am taking a three days off to enjoy some family time and to rest.  But even if I'm taking a three days off I am still getting paid right now. Yesterday was labor day, I am getting paid holiday pay times 2 (both jobs are paying the Labor Day holiday in US), then today and tomorrow I am using my PTO(paid time off). We had a backyard BBQ yesterday, I invited all the family to get together. Right now while I am writing this blog I'm just outside the house watching my kid play at the school playground. I am doing the laundry right now and after that I will wash the car, so no wasted opportunity here.

writing a blog while enjoying/watching my kid at school