Saturday, September 20, 2014

Iphone 6 Half Price Update

So I pre-ordered the iPhone 6 Plus last week hoping to make some money off of it on Craigslist and this is my update as promised.

First I asked myself, why do I need a new iPhone? For making phone calls, browsing, texting, pictures, video recorder, emails, etc. Dang! I need to slap myself! My current phone can do all of those! Good thing my brain is still functioning. 

Second thing I asked myself was "is it a good value since all the options above are all upgraded such as landscape texting, wifi calls, video recording with 1080p, time elapse and slow mo at 24 fps! Faster everything! Thats a great value right?" Another well deserved slap in the face! No Ogie! I don't need none of that shit, I have a perfectly working iPhone that meets my current needs!

Third thing I asked myself was "but we all planned the cost of it. It'll cost us half the price since we are going to sell it at craigslist with inflated price." I need to punch myself in the face this time! No! If you don't need it, do NOT buy it! Simple as that. We want to save money right? We want to have financial freedom  right? We want to set as a good example for the people and especially for our kids right? Then don't buy it! The best way to save money is to avoid buying stuff we don't need. Being materialist (like cars) becomes a wall, a hindrance to our path to reach our goals. We need to be a minimalist, to continue taking the road we had started and to finish it strong. So after multiple virtual bruise from the slap and punch in the face I had woken up and I will cancel my $150 AT&T service and switch with a cheaper plan or even to a prepaid service. 

How about you, did you upgrade to the new iPhone or Samsung smartphones or never planning to upgrade ever? If you don't have a plan of upgrading your phone, you are multiple steps ahead of me! I will see you at the finish line of our financial independence journey! :)

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