Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Week's Challenge Update

I posted a challenge last week and here are my result:
1. To make money- I worked my scheduled 7 days and worked 64 hours on the clock. I am taking a three days off to enjoy some family time and to rest.  But even if I'm taking a three days off I am still getting paid right now. Yesterday was labor day, I am getting paid holiday pay times 2 (both jobs are paying the Labor Day holiday in US), then today and tomorrow I am using my PTO(paid time off). We had a backyard BBQ yesterday, I invited all the family to get together. Right now while I am writing this blog I'm just outside the house watching my kid play at the school playground. I am doing the laundry right now and after that I will wash the car, so no wasted opportunity here.

writing a blog while enjoying/watching my kid at school

2. To save money- my goal for last week was not to spend money on myself. I spent $9.75  last week and here's the break down. $3.50 is for a 40oz Corona beer, I couldn't resist a beer, I just felt like I needed a break on Friday right after work. $5 chocolate- somebody at work had a fundraising for their kid and I just had to support them. I bought $5 Sneakers (the last cash on my wallet) and gave away 4 of them to my co-workers and I ate one. $1.25 coffee refill at 7-eleven (I bring my own coffee at work, just paid refill with my mug).

3. To bike at least 103 miles- my total bike mileage for one week was 98 miles.

4. To spend time with the ones we love- this is the most important for me. All my free time after work was with family. There will be a time in the future when I don't have to work for money and it is something to look forward to, to keep us motivated.

Overall I will give myself a B+. Number 2 and 3 were not met but come to think of it, how many individual can do what I am doing? I am still happy and I cant be too hard on myself. I still have more years ahead of me, more challenges to come and we need to be positive to overcome those challenges. And for now my laundry is done, I will be putting it in the dryer then wash the car while waiting for it to dry :) have a good day everyone!

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