Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life Choices

I was  contemplating to buy a new car for a long time, a new motorcycle perhaps. I wrote about it in my previous post. There are days that I will take a walk on my 10 minute break at work and this is what I  always run into:

Fancy cars at the neighborhood Audi dealership!

I have to admit its been months of struggle just to resist this fancy cars in the Audi dealership! Its like they are calling my name to hop in and feel their leather interior and to admire the craftsmanship of the interior and the technology that they put in their dashboard. But my todays topic is not about buying a car (although the car is a very good example), but its about free will. Our ability to make our own destiny, to be the captain of our ship. I truly believe that as human beings we control our future on how we going to end up in life.

We will make the above example for the urge of buying a car.  I almost gave in getting that car. Three times a week I will take a walk and just keep on imagining these toys. But now I have developed the resistance to temptation, and currently I am developing a thick skin not to care what other people think of me. I can proudly say that I am no longer longing for a nice cars. I am  proud riding bike to work, and I have developed a thick skin literally for biking under the sun. My skin is dark and thats one thing I am gratified of. I am content not spending anything at work. I treat everyday as an opportunity not to be wasted but to take advantage of. Whatever we are doing today have a reward and consequence. Nothing is given. Everything has to be earned (unless you are one of Bill Gates' kids).

Which one is harder to do:
  • a.) to lay down in couch                 or       b.) to work
  • a.) to spend money                         or       b.) to save and invest money
  • a.) to drive to work                         or       b.) to bike to work
  • a.) to blow your savings tonight     or       b.) to invest your savings for tomorrow
  • a.) to buy your lunch                      or       b.) to bring your own lunch
  • a.) to become materialistic             or       b.) to become a minimalist
These are just some of the questions that comes to my mind regularly and the option is mine to make. Its much easier to just lay down in the couch the whole day and watch tv. Its much easier to just spend your hard earned money to shopping. Its much easier to just buy a fancy car and brag to all your friends how well you are doing. Its much easier to just buy lunch than preparing our own meal. Its much easier to drown ourselves with material things we don't need than to let it all go. But where is the fun? Those fun that we are experiencing right now are just temporary. For me the real fun is the journey, the journey that I set for myself. My reward is whats at the end of the journey. I am enjoying this whole process of achieving my goal and my reward is financial freedom!

What we are right now are the results of the life choices we made yesterday.
What we are tomorrow are based on life choices we are making right now.

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