Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This is a late happy Thanksgiving post err like one week late.

I started my day with a 3 mile run.

my legs felt so heavy... so slow

I'm just getting back on everything like my daily cardio and my blogging. I am busy investing and reading though, also I created a new blog that features my investment decisions and my actual portfolio but I remained anonymous. The support from my fellow investors on that site is heart warming :)

After running we went to Santa Monica to volunteer on delivering hot and cold fresh meals to the elderly who cannot cook for themselves. It is our way of giving back and being thankful from all the blessings that we received.

my wife and Paige volunteer

Then we finished the day with our traditional Filipino dinner on banana leaves. Good family, good food, good buzz. Life is good, we are truly very thankful for all the blessings!

preparing our table

that was we with the #noshaveNovember in support of cancer awareness month

chaos in the table

my nephews  are like angels

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