Hi! My name is Christian dg(initials), family and friends call me Ogie! I am here to share my journey to financial freedom and to share some tips on saving and investing.

Im a father to a wonderful 8 year old daughter, a husband to my loving wife.
I had started my journey to financial independence back in May of 2013, after realizing there is more to life than working and building a successful career. To me family comes first before anything else. That's why Im working my butt off to reach financial independence so all my time can be dedicated to my family. I love food, movies and travel. Once I reach fi we will have more time to do things that we love.

I came from a humble beginning in my native homeland Philippines, in a small town where everybody knows everybody and their favorite past time are gossips and tele novelas. But even people are like that, Philippines is still my home. Life is simple and no stress, time is slower compared to US.

I migrated to US year 1998, was going back to Philippines every year due to home sickness. I would work for six to twelve months then go home for six months. That was my life back then. Year 2001 I joined the US Army, signed up for a 3 year contract then got out, got a stable job, met my wife and got married. By year 2006 Paige came out, It was the happiest moment of my life, everything was going smoothly, we were building our family, we bought a nice house right at the peak of housing boom then by year 2008 everything came crashing due to recession. I lost everything,  I lost my job, lost the house and our marriage was on tumble. There was a time that I was working 4 part time jobs all at the same time trying to make ends meet and trying to get a full time job. That was the darkest time of my life, seeing my family getting broken up no matter how hard trying to hold on. I went back to school and I decided healthcare is one of the most stable job here in the US. After graduation from a short course I went back to Philippines for 5 months away from my family doing some soul searching and to clear my head. Philippines will always be my home thru thick and thin, when I came back to the US I had a clearer mind, got my family back together,  took my board exam and pass it, right after getting my license I got a stable job. Its been all smooth sail from then on.

That experience thought me a very valuable lesson, that everything is not what it seems. That life will hit you hard with challenges when you least expect it, right when your guard are down. But once you overcome those challenges you are stronger than ever. It made me realize that we are vulnerable, to plan ahead of time and prepare for the worst and I made a promise to myself it will never happen to me again and I will never have an empty pocket again.

I have created this blog towards the end of 2013 to guide, to motivate, to get me on the right track and to remind me of my personal goal of financial independence and at the same time  documenting the process through frugality and investing, and at the same time live a balanced lifestyle of being healthy and in pursuit of happiness. And one day when I'm financially free, when I reach that finish line I can look back and share my story to friends and family and show them how I did it.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, invest in your own risk. Please read investing books and educate yourself on investing and enjoy the fruit of your hardwork :)


  1. Hi Christian,
    A very inspiring story! Good luck on your journey and I look forward to following your (hopefully) increasing dividend income!
    Take care,

  2. Thanks Mike! I will update my progress monthly and it will appear on my dividends tab. Im also working on my portfolio but I'm not sure if I should share it. Maybe one of this days I will have the guts to share it coz its kind of too personal for me. Thanks for stopping by and take care of yourself as well! :)
    -Ogie dG

  3. Wow, Ogie, that is a powerful and motivating story. Thanks for having the courage to put it out there and inspire others.

    Be happy, healthy and wealthy,

  4. Ree,
    Thanks for the kind words! Your story is very inspiring as well, coming from lots of debts to becoming a millionaire! :) Goodluck on achieving your goals!
    Take care